Monday, October 14, 2013


 Tamara at work in her studio, photo by Brook Holm

 Tamara cutting up "The Great Shalimar", photo by Brook Holm

Tamara's lamps featuring Sparkk fabric including "The Great Shalimar", photo by Brook Holm

"Calcutta" featuring on Tamara's lovely lamps

Tamara Watts of Retro print revival creates unique, exclusive, one of a kind lamps and lampshades. 
Since Retro Print Revival was established in 2009, creator Tamara Watts has drawn inspiration from her appreciation of mid century and retro design. Tamara's love and longing for décor, furniture, fashion and music of this time prompted her desire to breathe new light into lighting design and create a timely product that reflected this era.

Luckily for me and Sparkk, Tamara has chosen lots of our designs to feature on her amazing lamps, I can't wait to get my hands on one!! 

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