Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Original artwork of "The Great Shalimar"

"The Great Shalimar" in repeat

Image of "The Shalimar" printed on linen


I really wanted to capture that tropical essence that the Victorian's brought back from India, and what better way than create a design with huge traveler palms and bananas!

The Great Shalimar was named after the nickname for "The Great Exhibition" created by Prince Albert to exhibit modern industrial technology in 1851.

The thing I love about this design is that leaves can be used in a lot more interior environments compared to florals, they can be masculine and feminine. This particular design I can see placed in commercial bars, contemporary living rooms and bedrooms.
"The Great Shalimar" can be printed on all of Sparkk's ground cloths, that includes all wall-coverings and my favourite which is a vinyl that is scrubbable, so in the end this design can even make its way to the bathroom or kitchen walls :-)

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